Are you ready for an origins story?

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The setting of our story

Signgeer is one of our super clients. And when we say super, we mean it.

Signgeer's design and identity revolve around super heroes populating the city of Printropolis. This is a truly fun and personal website!

Signman and Signbot, two of the heroes of our story

Like in every super hero stories, we won't reveal the real identities of Z and J, the eccentric billionaires e-commerce professionals behind Signgeer's website...

We'll just say that they specialize in tools, equipment and consumables for the signage and printing industry. With 4,000 SKUs, serving B2B clients in the UK and beyond, Signgeer takes advantage of many native Magento features as well as a good amount of extensions and custom-made modules.

A terrible enemy

On Signgeer's website, the super hero theme is everywhere. And it leverages a lot of images. Big images. Additionally, Signgeer uses live-chats, carousels, megamenus, price calculators, complex search modules... plenty of design and functionalities.

Sure, Magento is a great e-commerce platform. But while it might have the super-intelligence to manage multi-storefronts or the super-strength to manage many integrations, very few Magento websites come with super speed.

Dr. Google Lighthouse, our old foe, knows that. Lighthouse might not be evil enough to live under an extinguished volcano, but it was not holding back when scoring Signgeer's Performance.

As Signgeer's storefront was launched in 2018, the time had come for a nice reboot story, and a fresh website redesign.

How to do it, and avoid the '97 Batman & Robin reboot disaster?

Hyvä speeds to the rescue

One thing was sure: we wanted Signgeer to offer its users a super experience.
We selected two ingredients: a great design by Kieran, our own designer, and the ludicrous speed of Hyvä.

Every self-respecting superhero story will tell you how the hero gets their powers with the help of a teacher, which is usually met during an adventurous travel through exotic countries.

At Pixie Media, we had a Zoom call with Jisse Reitsma of Yireo. He's one of the best trainers for Hyvä out there, and he is based in the Netherlands, which is kind of exotic.

Once Z and J agreed to be our first official Hyvä client, the ball got rolling:

  • Kieran prepared a fantastic design, which Z and J refined and populated so that it would keep all the personality while adding freshness.
  • Dom, one of our frankly exceptional developers, hammered down all the tickets and tasks like Flash in a hurry, while our project manager Rebecca used her killer skills to keep everyone on page and the machine ticking.
  • Meanwhile, in the depths of the Pixie Media laboratory, Tom and the team kept working on Hyvä. To give you an idea of what that means in reality:

    Pixie Media uses a proprietary suite of modules, ranging from front-end management modules (for banners, carousels, etc.), to admin modules (shipping features, integrations, etc). Many of them needed to be made compatible with Hyvä.

    Hyvä leverages a unique combination of technologies, presented here. Exploiting the full power of Hyvä's architecture requires some additional work like, for example customize all the tailwind attributes.

The result

This is the new Hyvä Signgeer

And these are the super hero speeds it achieves, desktop and mobile. Running circles around evil Dr Google Lighthouse!

You can try yourself, just click on and see how quickly it loads.
Signgeer is now ready for its new adventures, with all the speed it needs for helping (and selling to) the heroes busy with building amazing signage, wrapping amazing cars, printing awesome banners.

The aftermath

By building Signgeer on Hyvä, we learnt a lot. For example, to keep style attribution tight and concise, and wherever possible to remove/reimagine any additional script requirements, or to identify the curve balls that the svg generator can throw at you.

At Pixie Media, we are already working on the next stories of the Hyvä universe. The sequels will include big and small stores, and we are looking froward to working with the exciting new Hyvä checkout.
With such undeniable performance improvements, clients are impressed and, we are sure, users are too.

If you are planning to build a new Magento website or if you are considering a front-end redesign for an existing one, Hyvä is certainly an option you should look into.

Do you want to be a protagonist in our exciting sequels? Drop us a message here or send us an email at to get more info!

*The maths of it:
Old Average Score (16+32)/2=24
New Average Score (98+93)/2=95
Relative Improvement (%) = [(New Average Score - Old Average Score) / Old Average Score] * 100
Relative Improvement (%) = [(95 - 24) / 24] * 100
Relative Improvement (%) = (71 / 24) * 100
Relative Improvement (%) ≈ 295.83%

The Next Episode

The Pixie Team will return, armed with the recognition as official Hyva Suppliers. Join us for the next chapter soon.

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