You have probably heard about Hyvä, the super-fast Magento theme (don't worry if you haven't, you can read more about it here: What is Hyvä?). Here at Pixie Media, we absolutely love it and highly recommend it to all merchants. We can't wait to show off our latest builds using this frontend technology - watch this space!

Throughout our time trialling, testing and now building Hyvä store-fronts, we have discovered something...

Hyva Magento Adobe Commerce

Improving your Google ranking & scores

Google uses a number of factors to determine the value and performance of websites for it's rankings. One way they do this is by rewarding websites that load quickly. This is where inline CSS can come in handy.

Inline CSS is CSS that is embedded directly in the HTML code of a website. This means that the browser doesn't have to make an additional request to a CSS file, which can improve the loading time of the page.

Here's how you can make Hyvä even faster

Even the already lightning fast Hyvä Theme can benefit from embedding it's lightweight stylesheets as inline CSS within the web page.

In order to take advantage of this, we have developed a module that makes it easy to use inline CSS with Magento/Adobe Commerce and the Hyvä Theme. The module automatically converts all of your stylesheets into a blob of minified inline CSS. This can significantly improve the page speed of your website, especially if your stylesheets are small.

Too much jargon?

Basically, with inline CSS your website can load faster. Google likes it, and they score you better on Google Lighthouse, which in turn can lead to better positioning in search results.

And we've made it easy for you to do

Being Magento and Adobe Commerce experts, we also believe in the power of community spirit and open source - it's what makes Magento the best e-commerce platform in the world!

Ok, we might be slightly bias, but that's why we have made this module available for free:

Pixie Media Hyva Inline CSS Outputter Module.

To all fellow developers, you will find the files & instructions you need there. Our module is offered as is, but please feel free to suggest any improvements - we love hearing from and engaging with everyone in the Magento & Adobe Commerce space!

Interested in what Pixie Media & Hyvä have to offer?

If you are a merchant considering a new Magento build, or at a front-end redesign, then Hyvä may be the solution you are looking for, as well as a gateway to increased traffic, conversions and overall performance.

We would love to talk to you about your exisiting or new projects, get in touch!