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Tyrrell Katz Magento Ecommerce
Tyrrell Katz
Tyrrell Katz create fun, engaging and high-quality kids accessories and have been doing so over 20 years
CLIENTTyrrell Katz
PLATFORMMagento 2 Open Source
SECTORNursery, Kids, Food & Drink Accessories
SERVICESDesign, Build, UX, Hosting & Support
Tyrrell Katz distinctive designs can be found in stores across the world. Tyrrell Katz wanted to make kids accessories fun and interesting, and thanks to the wonderful feedback they get from their customers they have succeeded in the mission to create a brand that is instantly recognisable and captivates children and adults alike. From the very first moment, every care has been taken to design and produce safe, practical and good quality products, that are also colourful, playful and fun. Timeless classics! We've worked with Tyrell Katz since 2018 on various projects - most recently migrating the site from Magento1 to Magento2.
Tyrrell Katz Magento
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