In the minefield of ecommerce platforms available Magento stands tall as one of the worlds’s leading and most trusted open-source platforms around; accounting for over 12% of the world’s ecommerce market. Magneto’s scalability, diversity and ability to adapt to individual business needs make it the choice for over 250,000 sites worldwide. Magento is a powerful ecommerce solution which will enable your business to grow whether you are a small start up business or a large global company.


Slow-loading websites are a consumer’s bugbear and as such are detrimental to your business. Even with the best-looking website in the world, if your pages are slow-to-load this will have a major impact on your conversion rates as it’s proven that customers will not hang around waiting for a slow website to load.

Magento 2 is the cheetah of the internet!

The industry standard acceptable page loading time is 2-3secs… Magento2, when configured correctly, boasts one of the quickest loading times across the industry – on average less than 1.5 seconds but often far quicker, helping you boost sales and keep happy customers. This fast-loading speed is a massive improvement even on Magento 1.9, which was the world’s leading ecommerce platform. By comparison, Magento 2s catalog pages load 47-56% faster than Magento 1.9 and the checkout is 38% faster. This is a vast improvement for a platform that was already top of its game and a global leader of ecommerce platforms.

Magento 1 end-of-life

Magento 1, the world’s leading ecommerce provider, is finally coming to end of life in June 2020. Its little sister Magento2 is even more powerful, with a vast amount of exciting improvements. It has a hugely improved backend which is user-friendly and simple to navigate through. This gives you and your staff more control and ease of being self-sufficient when it comes to keeping your site content up to date without the need to rely on an external agency.

Magento innovation

Magento are always striving to continuously improve and evolve their technology stack. This helps your site stay safe and at the top of your business game and at the peak of modern technology. Magento achieve this by continuously releasing updates, security patches and new releases which will keep your site secure, safe, up-to-date and current. On average, the Magento platform receives new features every 3 months!

Magento features

Multiple websites? Magento has your back!

M2 has a wealth of different features that put it head and shoulders above other platforms. Perhaps the most well-known in the community is multi-store functionality. This is one of Magneto’s most powerful features, never again will you need to waste time, money and effort managing various different websites and admin interfaces. By using multi-store you can manage multiple websites that each have a separate look, feel and product catalogue from a single backend installation. From just one admin panel you can configure all your online shops controlling the catalogues, base currencies, shipping details and many more things.

Magento2 also has Fort Knox-like security using state of the art data encryption technologies, fantastic password management and with the regular released updates your site will be super secure.

Magento has a variety of technology partners. Technology partners provide software that integrates with Magento from payment gateways to delivery partners, email marketing or online sales chat advisors these include some of the most trusted names in business such as PayPal, DHL, Amazon pay, Klarna, Feefo, Mailchimp , Trustpilot and many more.

Industries that trust Magento range from furniture to beauty, agriculture, automotive, sport, and fashion!

These are just a few of the big brands who are currently using Magento.