Join our Managing Director, Tom Dollar, and eCommerce expert, Rebecca Brocton, as they delve into the world of Hyvä (the ultimate front-end solution for Magento and Adobe Commerce) and why it's our default choice for every new-build project:

Hyvä, pronounced as "Hoo-ver," is rapidly becoming the go-to front-end technology for Magento and Adobe Commerce, and for good reason. At Pixie Commerce, we're incredibly proud to be a Hyvä partner agency. Since 2023, every new build project we undertake is built with Hyvä by default. But why is that? Let's delve into it.

But before we get into that, let me give you a brief introduction to Tom Dollar and Pixie Commerce. Tom, co-founder, and MD at Pixie Commerce, has been immersed in the Magento platform since 2010, accruing five certifications along the way. Our company specializes solely in Magento and Adobe Commerce, and we're thrilled to have recently become a Hyvä partner agency.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is Hyvä? Prior to Hyvä's emergence, Magento 2 relied on themes like Luma, which were built on aging technology stacks. This left a gap in the market for a modern, performance-driven solution. While other options like PWA Studio exist, Hyvä stands out for its exceptional performance and community support. It combines the best of all worlds, offering the speed of a PWA with a stripped-back, modern approach.

Our commitment to Hyvä stems from our firsthand experience of its benefits. It's a joy to work with, both for admin users and developers. It emphasizes the importance of performance and meticulous optimization, resulting in outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Why have we made Hyvä our default choice? Simply put, because it delivers. We've witnessed the immediate benefits our clients experience upon launch, and it's clear that Hyvä is the way forward.

But our journey with Hyvä doesn't stop there. As part of our rebrand and transition to Pixie Commerce, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries even further. We're excited to announce that we'll be launching a range of modules later this year, specifically designed for Hyvä stores. These innovations will address underlying bottlenecks and further enhance performance, making the Hyvä experience even more seamless.

So, stay tuned for these exciting developments! 

If you're ready to turbocharge your store with Hyvä, we're here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch with our team for expert advice and guidance on your e-commerce journey.

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