After 10 glorious years as the market leading ecommerce platform, we now have the official end of life date for Magento 1.

Magento1 End Of Life Official Magento 1.x branch will end in June 2020

Security and quality improvement releases for the Magento 1.x branch will end in June 2020. Announcing the news today, Magento have gone above and beyond their commitment to providing 18 months notice to the community, instead offering 21 months to help all merchants still using the Magento1 platform time to plan their migration to Magento2.

The June 2020 date has been advised for M1 Enterprise 1.13/1.14 for some time – albeit with ambiguity as to whether a 1.15 version would drop and supersede the support timeline. This announcement confirms both the end of life for Magento1 Community Edition and Magento1 Enterprise Edition in June 2020. You can read the official blog post from Magento here.

So, what next?

Magento2 truly is the next generation of ecommerce and during its 3 years has grown rapidly in functionality, stability and performance. It would be remiss to suggest the path from M1 to M2 is straight forward, but it is the sensible choice for merchants ready to embark on the next phase of their ecommerce business.

Is it a complete rebuild?

Yes, but legacy data can be maintained. Using the Magento migration tool, we can migrate;

  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Sales history
  • CMS content
  • Configuration settings (some)

So your critical catalogue and legacy sales data remains intact.

Themes, custom functionality and modules will all need to be rebuilt to the new gold-standard Magento2 methodology for greater security, upgradeability and platform stability. This is a great opportunity to review everything about your existing ecommerce experience and improve what’s working, iron out what isn’t and shake off any unused modules and functionality which you have inevitably grown in and out of over time.

We can help

Want to discuss your M1 to M2 migration? Get in touch. We are Magento2 trained, Magento2 certified and highly experienced in every aspect of the migration process.

Read more about our migration process here.