So often we run in to a situation with a Magento site where you are unable to use the built-in Magento connect functionality. This can be for various reasons; the security setup of the server makes it untenable, the site is using version control with GitHub (or similar), meaning all code changes need to flow through a repository.

There is a great service from Freegento for this

Whatever the reason, if you need to download a Magento module from the Magento Connect module marketplace ( , there is a great service from Freegento which will allow you to convert the Magento Connect download string to the actual download package.

Simply find the module on Magento Connect, click the ‘install now’ button, login to your Magento account (if you haven’t already), choose community or enterprise, choose ‘Magento Connect 2.0’ in the link-type drop down, agree to the terms and click ‘Get Extension Key’. Copy this key.

Now visit: and paste the key in to the text area and click submit. The direct download links will then appear so you can download them to your local machine.

Great work Freegento!

Happy coding