Magento is a powerful, flexible ecommerce platform built using open source technology, which means its source code is made available for free and anybody can use it. However, Magento development is a fine art, and to create a fast, secure, fully functioning Magento website you need to have a very precise skill set.

Magento is a complex animal and works using a complicated file structure. If you are not trained and know how this works, then you can create a website with a multitude of problems. Magento has strict rules on how to position its files and certain ones that it would be catastrophe to mess with, these coding rules you will not know about unless you are Magento trained.

Why Choose a Magento Certified Developer?

By choosing a Magento Certified Developer you are ensuring that you are hiring a professional who will build you a great site. Choosing a quailified developer is really important, and by working with a Magento Certified Developer from the very beginning of your site build, you can be confident that your eCommerce store will be coded properly. A Magento site which is built not using best practices and with a lack of knowledge can cause issue after issue meaning that time and costs can spiral out of control.

Certified Magento Developers know the complexity of Magento and how to make to run at its optimum best making it fast, secure and creating a fantastic user experience.

A Certified Magento Developer will:

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the code using only the best coding practices
  • Know the ins and outs of how Magento and your site works
  • Ensure your project is delivered on time and kept in budget
  • Keep up to date with changes in code and updates needed
  • Attend Magento events making sure they are knowledgeable about all future changes
  • Live and breathe Magento
  • Be security conscious keeping your site safe and secure
  • Make sure your site is integrated and communicating properly with all third-party modules
  • Future proof your site ensuring seamless upgrades in the coming months

Magento certifications are not easy to come by. Magento only want the very best coders out there representing them. The exams are tough and constructed in such a way that only an expert Magento developer will pass, they truly are designed to single out only the very best Magento experts thus ensuring that they really are a true representation of Magento themselves.

More Magento Certifications than the whole of Devon, Cornwall & Somerset combined!

At Pixie Media we are very proud to hold 7 Magento Certifications in house, giving us at time of writing more Magento Certifications than all of the other agencies in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset combined.