Poor website performance can hurt your business by damaging user experience, loyalty and brand reputation. Worse still, it can be directly linked to a loss of revenue. In short; consumers are turned off by websites which suffer slow load times.

In 2012... British ecommerce websites lost £1.7 billion sales

A recent report commissioned by Gomez (a division of Compuware) discovered that 88% of online shoppers are less likely to return to a website that suffers from slow load times. Furthermore, a 2012 study from consumer data wizards QuBit estimated that slow load times cost British ecommerce websites £1.7 billion in lost sales.

The right choice of hosting platform has a direct impact on alleviating these fears. As your business grows naturally, seasonally on by virtue of marketing activity, it is imperative that your website performs quickly and flawlessly regardless of demand.

Choosing the right platform

The correct choice of server will depend entirely on the needs of your business, not just today, but with a commercial view for the future too. A good web hosting company will provide a choice of server platforms to enable you to make an informed decision about which will best serve those needs.

We ensure value for money as well as maximum performance

There is no point in investing in a hyper-powered server block if the demands of your business do not require the resource, but equally underestimating the processing power necessary will also have a negative impact. We consider the specific requirements on a case per case basis, based on the real world stats of your project to ensure value for money as well as maximum performance.

Shared web hosting

In shared hosting, your website and email data is stored on a server shared with many other customers and the server's resources are divided equally between everyone. Whilst this is a perfect entry-level to mid-level webhosting solution, it is inevitable that your website can be affected by other activity on the server.

Perfect for: Low traffic, low volume web applications such as blogs, catalogue sites and small business sites.
Not suitable for: Large or mission critical websites.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (also know by the acronym VPS) offer a server platform which is much more exclusive than shared hosting, meaning more dedicated resources are available to the website at all times. With a much smaller contention rate than that of shared hosting, the resources of VPS have less of a strain placed on them, allowing sites to perform at optimal levels. A huge benefit of a VPS is the ability to scale up and down resource to meet fluctuating demand. Ram, CPU cores and HDD can all be configured adhoc.

Perfect for: Medium sized Magento eCommerce hosting, Medium traffic ecommerce websites, blogs & forums and mission critical websites
Not suitable for: High traffic mission critical websites

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers, as the name implies, are a 100% dedicated hosting platform. There is no shared usage on the server, meaning you have complete control over how your resources are used. Dedicated Servers provide high-level webhosting for mission critical websites that regularly need to be able to deal with high demand. Dedicated Servers are the most powerful and reliable hosting solution available. As businesses grow, dedicated servers can be daisy-chained behind a load balancer to spread the load, separate application and database servers and prevent site outages in very high demand situations.

Perfect for: Magento eCommerce Hosting, High traffic ecommerce, blogs & forums and mission critical websites


All of our hosting solutions come with free email and phone support. We can help with maintenance, upgrades and configurations as required. We understand the importance of your businesses website being online 24/7 and we work tirelessly to pre-empt issues occurring and in the event of an issue, to get your business back online in the least time possible.

We are a Devon Hosting Company; Pixie Media, with over 15 years of industry experience and can advise you on all aspects of your web hosting, optimisation and development. We specialise in Magento eCommerce, and have a lot of experience in creating the perfect Magento Hosting platform. Get in touch with our Devon Digital Agency for a quote.